Codec Porting and
Algorithm Design Development 
 and Customization
Telecom and Wireless
System Integration and
 Application Software
Group Composition and
Signature DSP has deep expertise in design and development of algorithms in C / C++ / MATLAB from concept to implementation in FIXED POINT and FLOATING POINT Digital Signal Processors.

Our core offerings include

Multimedia framework.

Specialized DSP algorithms for Multimedia application.

Special effects in Audio and Video CODECs (viz. reverberation, efficient Sampling Rate Converters..)

Development of real-time / embedded systems.

Optimization and porting of Multimedia CODECs on to a variety of DSP and Embedded processors/platforms.

Standards based coding ( MPEG, ITU, ISO etc )

System integration and testing.

Signature DSP can also optimize customer algorithms taking advantage of target processor architecture for MIPS and Memory.

Signature DSP has amazed deep understanding of implementing algorithms in 16-bit, 32-bit and 24-bit Fixed Point and Floating Point Processors. We also can take up optimization work on a module basis, which could ultimately result in a faster time to market for the customer, without compromising on the performance.

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