Codec Porting and
Algorithm Design Development 
 and Customization
Telecom and Wireless
System Integration and
 Application Software
Group Composition and
Signature DSP Systems provides engineering services based on our extensive multiple domain expertise and experience in Multimedia and Communication technologies. We also provide complete terminal testing services in-house or in the field.

There are many ways companies offer its services to clients, there are technology partnerships, IP sharing, Dedicated project teams (either at clients site or at the dedicated development center) and technology consulting. Signature DSP combines the flexibility and agility of all of these proven methodologies to provide its customers the best possible value for money and time to market for its assigned projects. Companies choose their preferred method based on their particular needs and the one which suits best for them.

Our customers can stay ahead in business by using our services to develop cutting edge products with time to market advantage, high quality and lowest cost. Our business model is best in terms of pricing, guarantee of delivery on time and minimal management overhead for the customer. Customers can achieve significant value for money for we treat our customer as our partner and we want them to succeed in their business.

Signature DSP Systems offers its customers great flexibility in terms of business models and the customer can choose the model that is most appropriate for their business needs.

- Time & Materials
- Fixed-cost (turnkey)
- Dedicated Development Center
- Risk-reward sharing

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