Codec Porting and
Algorithm Design Development 
 and Customization
Telecom and Wireless
System Integration and
 Application Software
Group Composition and
Signature DSP provides system integration and application software services to the Multimedia, Wireless and Telecommunication industry.

We have deep experience in providing system integration service to the mobile phone handset manufactures, portable juke boxes (portable audio/video players) and broadcast equipment manufacturers.

Signature DSP can support its customers in integrating third party code onto customers product and there by significantly reducing time to market the product.

One of the prime focus of Signature DSP's System Integration team is to help the customer in creating a reference C code for their product. By carefully architecturing and designing the reference code, Signature DSP can help its clients to increase the portability of their IP and this will aid in better deployment of the product to a wider market segment.

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